10 Secret Hiding Spots That Will Fool The Smartest Burglars

Fake Air Vent Safe: A safe designed to look like an air vent blends into the wall, making it unlikely for burglars to give it a second glance.

Hidden Book Safe: Use a real book or a book safe to hide money, jewelry, or small valuable items. Place it on a bookshelf among other books to make it inconspicuous.

False Bottom Drawer: Modify a drawer to have a false bottom. This hidden compartment can store valuables, and since it looks like a normal drawer when opened, it's unlikely to attract attention.

Inside a Potted Plant: For smaller valuables, placing them in a waterproof container and burying it in a larger potted plant can be a natural hiding spot that burglars may overlook.

Behind Removable Baseboards: Baseboards can be modified to create a hidden storage space behind them. This area can be used for storing flat items like documents and cash.

In the Pantry: Use a fake canned good or hollowed-out food container in the pantry to hide valuables. These containers blend in with real groceries but contain hidden compartments.

Inside a Wall Clock: A wall clock can be modified to include a small storage space behind its face. It's an everyday item that doesn't typically attract attention for hiding valuables.

In a Hollowed-Out Door: The top of an interior door can be hollowed out to create a secret compartment, which is accessible by removing the door from its hinges. This is ideal for hiding flat items.

Underneath the Dishwasher: The space beneath the dishwasher or other appliances can be used to create a hidden drawer or compartment. It's an unlikely place for burglars to check.

Behind a Detachable Electrical Outlet: An electrical outlet that's actually a safe can be a very discreet place to hide small valuables. Ensure it blends in with real outlets to avoid detection.

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