7 Ideas To Arrange A Kid's Party On A Budget

Kids' parties are crazy about balloon arches, which you can buy online for far cheaper than ready-made ones.

Balloon-Sourcing Methods

Share your child's birthday party with a schoolmate born the same week or fortnight. That way, you can host a modest family party on their birthday and share costs and planning with the birthday friend's family.

Consider ‘Buddying Up’

Get inspired by The Great British Bake Off's return to TV and bake a birthday cake instead of buying one.


It's doubtful that visitors will expect a full lunch or dinner at a 2pm–5pm celebration. Bring some snacks to keep the party going.

Choose A Party Start Time

Instead of an expensive play centre or elite venue, try a backyard, park, or beach. Try the town hall, community center, or library if your child was born in winter.

Choose A Cheap Place

Use a speaker and phone to save money on entertainment. Create musical chairs, statues, pass the parcel, stuck in the mud, and more entertaining games.

Channel Your DJ Side

No need for expensive paper invites or lengthy notes to parents. Download and customize templates from free internet resources.

Send Invitations Online

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