Panera Pays $2 Million To Settle Class Action Lawsuit—You May Be Owed

Do you recall ordering Panera Bread food in recent years? Recent litigation against the bakery-café chain may give you a payout.

Panera was sued in a class action last year for misrepresenting delivery rates and fees on its app and website. USA Today reported that Panera was accused of promising free or low-cost deliveries.

The suit claimed the company added 5% to 7% to delivery order pricing using hidden fees.

The lawsuit alleged, "This secret menu price markup was specifically designed to cover the costs of delivering food and profit on that delivery," USA Today reported.

"It was, in short, exclusively a charge for using Panera's delivery service and was, therefore, a delivery charge."

Panera has agreed to settle the dispute without admitting guilt. In the settlement, the business will pay $2 million to customers.

Only Panera's delivery customers between Oct. 1, 2020, and Aug. 31, 2021, are eligible for settlement funds. The Kroll Settlement Administration, which oversees the settlement, offers clients free meal coupons or cash payments via PayPal, Venmo, or other electronic ways.

Customers who choose coupons will receive two $9.50 vouchers. Electronic payment recipients receive up to $12.Kroll Settlement Administration customers must file a claim online or by mail by June 10 to qualify for settlement payouts.

On May 31, the Circuit Court for St. Louis County, Mo., will consider approving the settlement. Customers can expect money in 60 days if approved.

We waited for Panera to comment on the lawsuit settlement.

Panera just announced its "biggest menu transformation" ever. The new menu, which launches on April 4, features nine new products and updated versions of classic favorites. The shift will also eliminate flatbread pizzas from Panera's menu.

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