Amazing Spiritual Sites You Can Visit In The US

Bighorn Medicine Wheel, WY

This site is the largest of several medicine wheels in the American west, with 28 spokes connecting a cairn to a circular rock formation.

Crater Lake, OR

This caldera lake is the deepest lake in the country. To the Klamath tribe, it's a sacred site.

Land's End Labyrinth, CA

You can find this labyrinth on a mountain near San Francisco, right above the Pacific ocean.

Denali, AK

Denali" means "the high one" or "the great one," and has long been regarded as holy by the native peoples who have lived under its looming presence.

Bahá'í House Of Worship, IL

There are only seven Bahá'í structures in the world, and one is located a short drive outside of Chicago.

Hsi Lai Temple, CA

This beautiful Buddhist temple can be found in California, though its design is strictly in the traditional Chinese style.

Mt. Kilauea, HI

The active volcano is said to be home to Pele, the fire goddess.if you're disrespectful or take rocks from the volcano, you could find yourself in a world of lava-related trouble.