Burger King Launching Major New Line of Wraps

Burger King has exciting news for fast-food chicken wrap fans who have been waiting since McDonald's discontinued its Snack Wraps in 2016.

Burger King will launch a new range of Royal Crispy Wraps on August 14 at participating restaurants. Each wrap will have crispy white flesh

chicken, tomato, and lettuce in a soft flour tortilla. Customers can pick from Classic, Spicy, and Honey Mustard wraps.

Burger King said the wraps are "perfectly sized" for snacks or meals. After the success of Royal Crispy Chicken sandwiches last summer,

Burger King was motivated to create the new range. The Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich line replaced Burger King's hand-breaded Ch'King

sandwiches in August 2022, which were popular but laborious for employees. A seasonal Italian Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich was added in November 2022

Chicken inventiveness is nothing new at Burger King. The BK Royal Crispy Chicken sandwich was released in August, and our guests loved

it so much that we made it into a snack-sized wrap "Burger King North America chief marketing officer Pat O'Toole said. "The BK Royal Crispy

Wraps offer our Guests an all-new way to enjoy our BK Royal Crispy Chicken without sacrificing quality ingredients, bold flavors, and the choice

Wraps cost $2.99, but prices vary by region. Since they'll only be on menus for a short time, don't wait to try one after they hit later this month.

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