Confident Women, Choose One of These 10 Short Pixie Cuts

Bold & Edgy Pixie: 

Choppy layers and chopped sides make a bold statement in this pixie.

Original Pixie 

A classic pixie cut with clean lines and a short length that exudes confidence and refinement.

Textured Pixie 

Add texture and movement to your pixie with tousled layers.

Undercut Pixie 

A pixie cut with an undercut is edgy and confident.

Long-Haired Pixie: 

Choose a pixie with longer bangs that may be styled in several ways for variety and confidence.

Mischievous Pixie: 

A tousled pixie gives off a confident, carefree look.

Pixie Fringe: 

A side-swept fringe on your pixie makes you seem elegant and bold.

Spiky Pixie 

Create spiky layers for a bold, vibrant style.

Balayage highlights

For confidence and vitality, add small balayage highlights to your pixie.

Shaved Pixie:

A tapered pixie with a distinctive shaved design is a creative and confident look.

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