7 Poodle Mixes As Family Friendly Companions


Intelligent, outgoing, and great with kids, Labradoodles make playful and trainable family pets. They thrive in active households.


Gentle and low-shedding, Goldendoodles are ideal for families, especially those with allergies. They're affectionate and adapt well.


Friendly and versatile in size, Cockapoos are loving family dogs. They're good with children and enjoy being part of family activities.


A larger breed, Bernedoodles are gentle and playful. They're protective and hypoallergenic, making them great for families.


Loyal and protective, Sheepadoodles are family-friendly. Regular grooming is needed for their fluffy, hypoallergenic coats.


Energetic and intelligent, Aussiedoodles are perfect for active families. They're trainable, good with children, and enjoy outdoor activities.

Irish Doodle

Friendly and affectionate, Irish Doodles are great with kids and love being part of the family. Their red coat adds a striking appearance.

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