Seven Clever Ways To Keep Kids Rooms Tidy

Color-Coded Bins

Use different colored bins for different types of toys or items (e.g., blue for blocks, red for cars). This makes it easy for kids to know where things belong.

Label Everything

Labeling shelves, bins, and drawers with pictures or words helps kids remember where things go and encourages them to tidy up after themselves.

Storage Ottomans

Use storage ottomans or benches at the foot of the bed or in the play area to store toys, books, or extra blankets.

Hanging Organizers

Install hanging organizers on the back of doors or in closets to store shoes, accessories, or small toys.

Under-Bed Storage

Utilize the space under the bed for storage bins or drawers to keep items out of sight but easily accessible.

Toy Rotation

Rotate toys every few weeks to keep things fresh and reduce clutter. Store unused toys in bins or a closet.

Make Tidying A Game

Turn tidying up into a fun game by setting a timer and seeing how quickly kids can clean up their room. Offer rewards for completing the task quickly and efficiently.

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