Taco Bell May Be Facing a Nationwide Sour Cream Shortage

Sour cream is a Taco Bell staple. The fast-food chain's menu has this creamy, sour dairy product, which consumers can add to almost any

item. As workers from a major supplier strike, Taco Bell may run out of sour cream to feed hungry customers.

Last week, New Dairy Select Milk workers in De Pere, Wis., went on strike to demand better healthcare from Borden Dairy. According to

Teamsters Local 662, Borden Dairy is trying to force striking workers to join a company healthcare plan that would "require them to pay higher

premiums and deductibles, as well as come out-of-pocket for a wide variety of services that would be covered under a Teamster plan."

Taco Bell may run out of sour cream due to the strike, according to the union. Teamsters Local 662 stated the plant in De Pere distributes sour

cream to all Taco Bell restaurants east of the Rocky Mountains, which is majority of the country. The union petitioned New Dairy Select Milk so Taco Bell

"We're encouraging Taco Bell customers to contact the company's leadership and demand that their suppliers treat these hardworking

men and women with dignity and respect," said Teamsters Western region vice president and food processing division director Peter Finn.

The strike may hurt Taco Bell, but how much is unknown. According to New Dairy Select Milk, the strike hasn't stopped production.

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