Teen Spirit Trendy Haircut Ideas for women 50+

Pixie Cut: 

A textured pixie cut is easy to maintain and youthful. For a modern pixie, ask your hairdresser for layers and texture.

Beachy Waves Lob: 

The stylish lob is adaptable. Beachy waves give a carefree, youthful look that suits many facial shapes and hair types.

Shag Cut: 

Shag haircuts are back and look great on ladies over 50. A layered, textured cut gives hair volume and movement.

Modern Bob 

Choose a modern, angled bob. This beautiful haircut will boost your confidence.

Asymmetrical crop: 

Accept an uneven haircut. It gives a subtle edge.

Mid-Length Hair: 

A layered haircut will make you look young and bright. Layers give hair volume and definition.

Curtain Bangs 

Try mild curtain bangs. They're pretty and lively.

Long Layers: 

Textured long layers give longer hair movement and dimension.

Shaggy Bob: 

A grown-up shaggy bob with gentle waves exudes easy cool.

Wispy Bangs: 

Messy updos with wispy bangs are playful and elegant. Elegant but laid-back.

Step-by-Step Guide Achieving Perfect Haircut women over 50